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Editing Services Offered

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Copy Editing

Line Editing 

Copy editing focuses on proper conventions of sentence mechanics, correcting any errors in spelling, grammar, capitalization, punctuation, word usage, and sentence structure, checking cross references and ensuring logic and consistency. This review provides the perfect polish to your work!


Proofreading checks the text for errors such as typographical mistakes or issues with typesetting and page markup. The proofread is done after your manuscript has had previous rounds of editing performed. The latest stage of your project is compared to earlier stages to ensure changes have been made correctly. This is your quality control check before publication. 

Line editing, also known as structural editing, is a thorough examination of a work, checking all details and framework, addressing areas such as phrasing, sentence structure and variety, repetition, best word choice, passive verb elimination, timeline consistency, and any issues you specifically request. These decisions will be incorporated into the style guide I develop for you. More of an art than a science, a line edit takes into account your individual style while ensuring your writing is as effective as it can be. 

Fee Range:
$36 - $40/hour

I offer a free sample edit. This helps me determine the level of edits required ─ and allows you to see the quality of my work! 


“I have collaborated with Dawn on numerous projects since 2006. She is my trusted resource not only for writing and editing tasks, but also conceptualization and design. She is trustworthy, thoughtful, and timely, and I am grateful for her ongoing assistance.

Janell Volke

Vice President, Alliance of New Americans

Projects Include:

  • Design, compose, and copy edit a monthly digital newsletter

  • Copy edit a thesis design proposal for a Doctor of Ministry

  • Line edit a digital community magazine

  • Line edit and proofread nonprofit bylaws

  • Compose, copy edit, and proofread commercial real estate contracts

  • Proofread tax guides for a financial services company

  • Proofread digital newsletters


My name is Dawn Allen

Editing is my creative outlet and passion. I am adept at meeting my client’s distinct style preferences and enjoy the collaborative process. I am committed to helping authors and business owners produce their finest written product within a quick timeframe.

Autoimmunity, Celiac Disease, and Cancer

I am in remission from a rare cancer: duodenal adenocarcinoma. This cancer was directly attributed to a delayed diagnosis of celiac disease. Hence, I am a Celiac Disease Foundation policy advocate, petitioning Congress for the annual renewal of funding for celiac disease research. Given my interest in autoimmune issues, I am actively pursuing copy editing projects in these areas. 


Originally from Philadelphia, the Houston area has been home for almost three decades. My creative energies extend to cooking, fitness, and autoimmune disease research. I am an active, 30-year member of a thriving church. I enjoy spending time with my husband of 30 years and our silly rescue beagle. We have one grown son, married to his college sweetheart. My editing office is perched just off the tree-lined balcony of our home, allowing me to work from the treetops and be soothed and energized by the beauty of God’s nature.

Education and Qualifications

  • Associates Degree in Specialized Business

  • Paralegal Degree

  • English Studies at LaSalle University

  • Silver Member of The Christian PEN Proofreaders and Editors Network

  • Member of The American Copy Editors Society (ACES)


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