Professional Copyeditor  to the Conservative Community 

I provide a fresh set of eyes and attention to detail on materials ranging from dissertations to devotionals, websites to musical liner notes, and fiction/nonfiction books. I refine my clients’ work to best suit its purpose. My editing services and prompt turnaround allow my customers to present their most polished communications.



Line Editing

Line editing, also known as structural editing, is a thorough examination of a work, checking all details and framework, addressing areas such as phrasing, sentence structure and variety, repetition, best word choice, passive verb elimination, timeline consistency, and any issues specifically requested by the Client as part of its style guide. This edit normally incorporates the review performed in a Copy edit, unless Client requests otherwise.

Copy Editing

Copy editing focuses on proper conventions of sentence mechanics, correcting any errors in spelling, grammar, capitalization, punctuation, word usage, and sentence structure, ensuring logic and consistency. This review provides the perfect polish to the Client’s work!

About Me

Dawn Allen 

Who I Am 

Originally from Philadelphia, PA, the Houston, TX, area has been home for almost three decades. My creative energies extend to reading, cooking, fitness, biking, firearms, and the outdoors. My volunteer work includes working shifts in the produce rescue center of a local food bank and serving as court visitor of indigent patients for a local county court.  

My family enjoys firearms activities, and I have been certified as an NRA range safety officer. I was honored with an award for outstanding service to the Republican Party, the State of Texas, and the United States of America as a volunteer in Senate District 7 as a result of my involvement in local grassroots politics. I am an active, 25-year member of a thriving church. 

I live in the beautiful town of The Woodlands with my husband of 28 years and our silly rescue beagle. We have one grown son, married to his college sweetheart. My office is perched just off the tree-lined balcony of our home, allowing me to edit from the treetops and be energized by the beauties of God’s nature.

Editing Projects Include 

    • Christian nonfiction 
    • Fiction romance novels
    • Children’s books
    • Digital community magazine
    • Thesis design proposal for a Doctor of Ministry
    • Nonprofit bylaws
    • Musician websites
    • Musical instrument manufacturer website
    • Liner notes for music CDs
    • Commercial real estate contracts

Education and Qualifications

    • Associates Degree in Specialized Business
    • Paralegal Degree
    • English Studies at LaSalle University
    • Silver Member of The Christian PEN Proofreaders and Editors Network
    • Member of The American Copy Editors Society (ACES)

    Success Stories

    “She was timely and quick to respond to our needs. She jumped right in and partnered with us to meet our deadlines.”

    – Dena Wilhite | Director of Facilitation | Journey U @ 

    Communications were smooth and prompt, allowing me to get my polished manuscript to the publisher in due time. She is a pleasure to work with, and I hope to use her again in future projects.

    – Christian Collins | Adjunct Professor | Lone Star College

    Dawn is fantastic to work with and responds to e-mails and calls very quickly. I HIGHLY recommend her! Five stars all around!”

    – Lindsey Kasprzak | Owner of Lone Star Local Guide

    She is trustworthy, thoughtful, and timely, and I am grateful for her ongoing assistance.

    – Janell Volke

    Vice President of Alliance of New Americans

    Special Commissioner of Montgomery County Court #2

    Dawn came to my rescue in the eleventh hour! I highly recommend this ‘Eagle Eye’ to spare any writer from embarrassment.”

    – Rhonda Fink-Whitman

    Author of 94 Maidens and Mrs. Graceland

    Her partnership is deeply appreciated, and I highly recommend engaging with her for detailed, high-quality work.”

    – Reverend Doctor Sharon M. Rogers

    Light of Christ Church, Algonquin, Illinois

    After years of stress and headaches trying to edit my publications, I’m thrilled to have Dawn as my editor. She is a skilled communicator and quite easy to work with. I highly recommend her services.

    – Joshua Messick

    Musician | Dulcimer

    Frequently Asked Questions

    My website copy needs help! What can you do for me?

    I’m glad to help. I’ll review your site and copy any sections needing review into a Word document. I’ll provide you with an edited document showing tracked changes, along with an additional document showing my edits “accepted” so you can see the flow of the revisions. We’ll discuss your preferred changes, and the process will continue from there until the site is perfected. With your permission, I’m happy to make your approved changes directly into the back end of your website or blog.  

    I’ve finished writing my book, and I’m happy with my work. It’s been recommended that I have a professional edit. Will we review your edits so I can decide what I’m comfortable with?

    Absolutely. I’ll do a complimentary sample edit of your manuscript prior to our entering into an agreement. I’ll return a Word document showing tracked changes along with a fully-revised sample showing how the revisions affect your work. You’ll decide the level of edits that best suits your writing. 

    How do you determine my fee?

    For industry standard editing rates, I refer to the Editorial Freelancers Association. Once I review your submission, I’ll have an idea if your project is better suited for a copy edit or a line/structural edit. I’ll give you my quote when I return the sample edit. 

    Do you require a contract and deposit?

    Yes. I have a plain English contract which is specific for each client. I require a small deposit of the projected cost of the job which can be paid by credit card, bank transfer, or check. The effective date of our agreement will be the date the deposit is received, and work will then commence. 

    My editing conforms to the Chicago Manual of Style 17th Edition, with preference given to the author’s style guide, and allowance made for subject matter creative license. We will discuss specific items, and I will make a personal style guide for your project. 

    Contact Dawn